About Judy

EFT Retreat at Sunrise Ranch with EFT Masters: Gwenyth Moss, and Ann Ross

EFT Retreat at Sunrise Ranch with EFT Masters: Gwenyth Moss, Rue Hass, and Ann Ross

Meet Judy Wolvington

I care about my profession, and I care about my clients. And most of all I care about the results you achieve. I care enough to have left a successful, yet unfulfilling career to follow my heart. Lots of people talk – I’ve walked the walk.

I tell you this because it permeates everything I do. And reading “my story” below will further give you an insight into what I’m about.

But I want to know about you – because in the end, that’s what I really care about. I want you to build a prosperous, thriving, and joyful business doing what you love.


  • Advanced EFT Practitioner (Certified by EFT founder Gary Craig)
  • Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology (University of Colorado)
  • Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (Regis University)
  • Practicing Counselor since 2006
  • Formerly a top producing Real Estate Broker for 20+ years.
  • Empowerment and Success Coach since 2010

My Story

Trip to the Denver Zoo with 4 grandkids!

Trip to the Denver Zoo with 4 grandkids!

I spent over 20 years selling Real Estate, not because it was my passion, but because of the income it generated. However, it left me feeling unfulfilled. I felt like an imposter, and I wasn’t following my heart.  After doing some soul searching, I discovered my purpose and started back to graduate school to pursue a career in Counseling Psychology.

Starting my private Counseling practice in 2008 was an exciting step for me. By then I had worked in a mental health agency for several years, and while I knew how to work with mental illness, I realized that I wanted to move into the field of personal empowerment.

Judy at Winter Park Ski Resort

Judy at Winter Park Ski Resort

Golfing at Fox Hollow

Golfing at Fox Hollow

In 2010 I began intensive study with renowned Coaches and Business Trainers from around the country (the best of the best!) I discovered how I can help my clients in a bigger way.  I have moved into Coaching because I want to help my clients in a directive, action-focused way. I don’t want my clients to struggle with “not enough clients” and “not enough income” one more day, and Coaching helps them get RESULTS quickly. 

Switching over to Coaching was the best decision I ever made (not only for me, but for my clients, because now they are truly getting the Transformation in their businesses that they have yearned for, perhaps for years). 

My clients see results right from the start. They’re using their passion and purpose to create thriving and lucrative careers. I love helping them with the business steps, the “How To’s”, to make their business grow. This is my primary focus with my clients. I  help them transform their business into the success they dream about, to make that their new reality.

I understand your struggles and desires, because I’ve been there. I have become an advocate and a coach, to inspire you and lead you into FULFILLMENT AND SUCCESS in your Career.  Are you ready to do whatever it takes to Make Real Money Doing What You Love?

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