About Judy

EFT Retreat at Sunrise Ranch with EFT Masters: Gwenyth Moss, and Ann Ross

EFT Retreat at Sunrise Ranch with EFT Masters: Gwenyth Moss, Rue Hass, and Ann Ross

Meet Judy Wolvington

I care about my profession, and I care about my clients. And most of all I care about the results you achieve. I care enough to have left a successful, yet unfulfilling career to follow my heart.

Reading “my story” below will give you further insight into what I’m about.

And I truly want to know about you – because in the end, that’s what I care about. I want you to build a prosperous, thriving, and joyful business doing what you love. I want your life to be filled with joy. I want you to stand in your power and shine your light, bringing forth your gifts and talents.

My Path

  • Advanced EFT Practitioner (Certified by EFT founder Gary Craig)
  • Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology (University of Colorado)
  • Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (Regis University)
  • Pursuer of Spirituality and Enlightenment since 1986
  • Practicing Counselor since 2006
  • Formerly a top producing Real Estate Broker for 20+ years.
  • Empowerment and Business Success Coach since 2010

My Story

Trip to the Denver Zoo with 4 grandkids!

Trip to the Denver Zoo with 4 grandkids!

I am blessed to be working with the amazing clients who show up in my business. I feel deep gratitude every day that I get to mentor and coach others as they embrace their power, unleash their dream business, and create a fulfilling life, too.

It wasn’t always like this. I spent over 20 years selling Real Estate, not because it was my passion, but because of the income it generated. However, it left me feeling unfulfilled. I felt like an imposter, and I wasn’t following my heart.  After doing some soul searching, I discovered my purpose and started back to graduate school to pursue a career in Counseling Psychology.

Starting my private Counseling practice in 2008 was an exciting step for me. By then I had worked in a mental health agency for several years, and while I knew how to work with mental illness, I realized that I wanted to move into the field of personal empowerment.

Judy at Winter Park Ski Resort

Judy at Winter Park Ski Resort

Golfing at Fox Hollow

Golfing at Fox Hollow

In 2010 I began intensive study with renowned Coaches and Business Trainers from around the country (the best of the best!) I discovered how I can help my clients in a bigger way.  I shifted into Coaching because I want my clients to have a mentor and an advocate by their side, keeping them connected to their vision and passionately committed to the achievement of their dreams. And I want them to achieve success, and lots of it, moving beyond their self-imposed limits.

I don’t want my clients to struggle with “not enough clients” and “not enough income” one more day, and Business Success Coaching helps them get RESULTS quickly. 

I understand your struggles and desires, because I’ve been there. For years I struggled with “not feeling “good enough”. I questioned myself: “Who am I to be doing this?” Negative thoughts and beliefs about myself (that I later discovered were simply not true) kept me feeling small and invisible even when things looked good on the outside.

Then I discovered my True Self, that still quiet presence within that is already good enough, worthy of success, and has a voice. It’s an empowered voice, and the power comes from connection to what I refer to as Source Energy. We are all connected to it, and I help my clients discover their authentic power. This is, I’ve discovered, the secret to success, and it helps move mountains of fear, clears blocks to success, and sets you on a journey that is unending in life and business transformation.

What I find interesting about my journey is that while I didn’t love selling Real Estate, I did (and still do) love marketing. Now I’m passing along some of the things I learned that got me to a mid-6-figure business in Real Estate. I help my clients overcome their FEAR of marketing, and in fact they quickly discover that knowing what to say in an authentic conversation with a potential client doesn’t feel like selling at all. They learn to market with ease and grace, from a very authentic place. This makes all the difference in being able to fill a practice with like-minded ideal clients.

I love the work that I do not only because I get to share the techniques, methods, strategies, and processes that have catapulted my own success, but because my clients are able to use their gifts and talents and make a difference in the lives of others.

I have become an advocate, mentor and a coach, to inspire you and lead you into FULFILLMENT AND SUCCESS in your business and your life.  Most likely you got into the work you do because you’re serious about changing lives.

When you master the business aspects, coupled with personal empowerment, not only will you have more clients and more income, but you’ll make a much bigger impact in the world.

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